I would have felt bad for Aiden if it had been cold that day in January. I know from personal experience that wearing a kilt can get a little chilly. Many thanks to Nicole and Aiden for having me be a part of their wedding!

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Casey Fatchett is a wonderfull asset to any wedding.There really is no one else I would have rather had responsible for immortalizing our day.Apart from the evident skill and talent which is timeless thanks to his expert and effortless eye,Casey’s very presence on the day was nothing short of professional and indeed calming.
Casey’s knowledge of the city,and its hidden yet picturesque points of beauty along with his respect for both the city and ultimately the couples important day,make every picture not only completely unique,but also a wonderfull work of art.
On behalf of my wife and I,Thank-you Casey!

Thank you Aiden, it means a lot to me.

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