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Tribeca Engagement Session: Christina + Terence


Can we bring the dog? I have been asked this question so many times. The answer is...of course!!!! But there are a few things you should keep in mind when you're bringing your furry friend to your photo shoot that will help make sure things run smoothly. Bring Water and Treats The session can run a couple of hours and your little buddy is probably going to get hungry and thirsty. Don't leave them hanging! Bring a "Handler" It could be a friend or a family member, but having someone with you to take your pet off your hands for a few minutes is going to be very helpful. They can give you a break and hold on to the treats and water (an ...

Cherish the Memories


Memories are to be cherished. I'm often reminded on my social media feeds and in the news that life is often far too short. I find myself looking through photos of friends and loved ones who are no longer with us. Yea, I'm feeling really sentimental right now. I think about what life will be like 20 years from now, too. I wonder if people will still be using computers the way we do now because we certainly weren't using them as much, or in the way we do now, 20 years ago. Do you really want to look back at photos of those people who are nearest and dearest to you on a phone screen? Will we even be using smart phones in 20 years? I need ...

Battery Gardens Wedding: Venus + Daniel


Think of all the things that go into your wedding. All the little details that make up the greater whole. All of the emotions. The time. So much time. You spend time, energy, and money on all of these and the day rushes past you like a blur. Wouldn't you like to be able to remember all of those details? And I'm not talking about just physical details like flowers and cakes and the like. The emotional details. The relationships. The moments. The touch of a hand. A hug. A smile. A kiss. ALL of the things that make up YOUR wedding.

I Don’t Want To Feel Awkward In Photos

Wedding Planning Tips

I dont know about you, but when I know a camera is pointed in my direction, I turn into an awkward spastic ball of limbs. I usually resort to dancing badly or 'photo bombing' myself - yes, it can be done, but it takes skill and years of practice. Maybe I'm thinking about whether my ears look too big (there was that time when I was a kid when I was referred to as 'Dumbo' due to an overwhelming ear to head size ratio in a particular school photo) or I'm wondering if my teeth are showing when I smile ("You have such huge teeth!"). We all have our insecurities. Some of us are better at hiding them than others. The majority of my wedding client ...

NOLITA Wedding: Nicole + Jon


"We want it to feel like a party at our house with our friends!" Isn't that what it boils down to in the end? After you strip away all of the other things, your wedding is, at its core, a celebration with those closest to you. The people you can really be yourself with. The people you want to share this incredible moment in your life with. The people who truly know you. And they know how much this means to you, sharing the laughter and the tears. Tearing it up on the dance floor with you until the early hours of the morning - or getting up and singing with the band and bringing the house down. Every little moment that means so much t ...

The Secret Ingredient


"Are you okay?" The voice of my second photographer seemed a little distant in the moment. "Yes," I responded. "Why do you ask?" "You're crying...." People often ask me, "How do you capture those amazing emotional moments?" or "I didn't even see that happening. How did you know to get a picture of that?" I think people expect to hear some sort of technical answer, as if there was some sort of camera setting or a piece of equipment or some formula that makes it all possible and that you just have to hit the shutter and the magic is all there. While having the right equipment and knowing how to use it certainly helps towards 'gettin ...

Loeb Boathouse, Central Park: Desi + Paul


No one wants a wedding that looks 'dated'. I think this fear arises from seeing wedding photos from previous generations and being horrified by fashion, hairstyles, etc. You want a wedding that is 'timeless'. While you can struggle with the details of your wedding, hoping that these choices will never go out of style, remember that there is one element that you can be sure will never go out of style - the emotions of your day. The love, the joy, the laughs, the tears...those are the things that will never, ever make you cringe and think, "Why did I do that?" No, the moments you share with your loved ones, the family you're born into and ...

I Feel Like a Number


Waiting in line. Is there any more soul-crushing experience? That sign that says, "Take a number." So you pull your ticket and join the faceless mass waiting to be 'served'. I'm pretty sure the term "I feel like a number" was coined by someone waiting at the DMV...and that's not how your wedding photographer should make you feel. A while back, I was having lunch with some wedding photographer friends and we started talking about our own weddings. One photographer started retelling the story of dealing with her own photographer and we were all stunned. We have all heard horror stories but there was something about this one that struck a cho ...

The Interactive Guest Book

Wedding Services

How often do you think you are going to look at the guest book from your wedding? If it is just full of signatures and a handful of people writing, "Congrats!" - probably not very often. And, let's be honest, unless you tell your guests to write something other than their signatures, that is what you are most likely going to get! Enter...the interactive guest book: Customized to Fit Your Unique Relationship The custom look of your book starts with your engagement photos - you can't get much more personalized than that...or can you? Choose the questions you ask your guests from my list or come up with questions of your own! Or do a combi ...

Central Park Engagement: Anna + Cory


Anna and Cory came up to New York City from Tennessee, and, on their trip, they wanted to get some Central Park engagement photos. I was more than happy to oblige. Let's take a quick break and sit on a bench. I absolutely love this last photo. It just sums up so much about their relationship. Are you visiting New York City and would like to do a portrait session? Please let me know. I'd be more than happy to talk to you about it.  

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