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Personal notes from Casey Fatchett. Life is not all about business.

A Light in the Dark

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My friend Marquina and I met seven years ago when she was planning her wedding. Since then, I've photographed her engagement session... Her wedding...(yes, Marquina likes to jump, but no more jumping photos...okay, maybe one more...later...) We just hit it off as friends. Maybe it was because we're both from Michigan. Maybe because we're both a little goofy. Since the wedding, we worked on a number of shoots together, including this one... Marquina also invited Caroline and I to come watch her at air guitar competitions. Yes, air guitar... Last year, I got a call from Marquina and she told Caroline and I that she'd bee ...

400 Couples and Counting…

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Couples always ask me in meetings, "Soooooo, how many weddings have you photographed?" Over 400. I don't have an exact number because the last time I counted (at the beginning of this year) it was almost 400 and I don't have a record of all the weddings I did when I was photographing them with film. What can I say? I was young and foolish and 16 years ago I wasn't as concerned about archiving as I am now. Then I stopped to think about that. 400 weddings?!? Big weddings. Small weddings. Weddings that I was the witness to... I've traveled all over the country, from California to Florida. 400 couples. 800 people. 800 fam ...

I Shine, Not Burn

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Last year (and the beginning of this year) was pretty rough emotionally. After losing our beloved dog, Tyler, two close friends succumbed to cancer, two more died suddenly and unexpectedly. Other friends and family members were diagnosed with cancer. It seemed like every time I finished mourning, there was another emotional punch in the gut waiting around the corner. Then, early this year, my grandfather passed at 99 years of age... That's a photo of him that I took as he looked over the manuscript of his memoirs, which I helped him edit and publish several years ago. He was an amazing guy. If you ever want to know about someone who li ...

Huffington Post Interview

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I had the privilege of being interview for an article on the Huffington Post that was published yesterday. I am humbled by all of the kind words that my family, friends, and clients had to say about it. There are worse things than being an "unflappable guy with big blue eyes and a large laugh." I think it reflects who I am. Tell me what you think. The interviewer even sent over the photos she took of Tyler and I. As it turned out, this was the last photo of the two of us together. Yesterday would have been his 11th birthday and I think the interview was quite a nice little present.

Dreams of Lions

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The silence in the apartment is deafening. Gone is the jingle jangle of dog tags...the soft 'tick tick' of tiny paws against the hardwood floors...the barking ANY time someone buzzed the intercom. Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Tyler this week. There's an emptiness that Caroline and I will have to get used to as time goes on. He was a faithful, loving, and loyal companion. For nearly eleven years, I spent most of every day with him. He was always there to remind me to take a break from work, because he needed to go out for a walk - or maybe I needed it. I have sat down several times to write this post, because writing helps me d ...

It’s a Hard Knock Life

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I have not been very active on the blog or on social media for the last month. May was a very crazy month, with lots of highs and lows. It started with spending four days photographing the Frieze NY Art Fair for the Art Newspaper, where I got to see a lot of celebrities, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Gere, and Mike Myers... What was the rest of the month after that like? Let's see - five weddings, five engagement sessions, two portrait sessions, a bat mitzvah... That's a lot of photo taking and you may think keeping up with all of that kept me from being very interested in writing blog posts or social med ...

How I Got Rid of 50 Pounds Of Unnecessary Gear

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You will often hear photographers debating what gear to take with them to a shoot: What lenses are necessary? Do I need a flash? Do I need multiple flashes? How many camera bodies? Most of us don't want to bring anything that is unnecessary. It weighs us down and if you are shooting a long day at a wedding you can find yourself totally beat when you get home. A couple years ago, I switched from a shoulder bag to a rolling bag for my gear because it was killing my back hauling all of that equipment around. Then, last year, I dedicated myself to getting rid of the 'gear' I knew I definitely didn't need - the extra weight on my body! Over ...

A Huge Thank You

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As some of you may know, our dog, Tyler, had some health complications last week. He is an old, little dog and with that comes a wide array of potential problems. One of the main issues that arises is heart trouble. And our beloved hairy little guy has some heart issues. After spending a few days in the hospital, he is back with us and on the road to recovery. While this problem will never go away, the doctors have said that he will be able to return to 'being Tyler' with regular medication. Caroline and I would like to thank everyone who lent their prayers and positive thoughts for our buddy. He means a lot to us and the outpouring of aff ...

Photographer’s Holiday Gift Guide – 2014

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So, the holidays are upon us! I know this because even before Halloween the city was hanging Christmas lights in my neighborhood. And I saw a Corona Christmas commercial on TV last night. It isn't even Thanksgiving yet! But since people start their holiday shopping earlier and earlier each year, I have put together a Photographer's Holiday Gift Guide with 10 items under $100 to help you find just the right gift for the special photo bug in your life. Neewer® Rainproof Camera Protector - $13.49 Protect your camera gear from harsh weather conditions with this rainproof camera protector. It features a zippered bottom enclosure for when you a ...

Halloween Haiku – The Book Is Now Available!

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Hey folks - big news! Those who follow me on social media are probably aware that, each October for the last few years, I create a new Halloween themed haiku each day and share them with my followers. Well, my Halloween haikus are now in a book! Yes, you can enjoy the creepy/funny/sometimes disturbing Halloween poems and photos by yours truly all year round with your very own paperback copy of my book featuring 40 haikus (some old favorites and new ones) paired with some SPOOOOOKY photographs of mine. Here are some samples: Click here to buy the book, which is 10% off now until October 13th! Happy Halloween everybody! Or, if buying ...

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