Summer + James: DIY Button Themed Wedding

December 3, 2012

Okay, so Summer and James’s wedding was pretty spectacular in the DIY department (as well as many others). It got a lot of attention from a lot of blogs, but now it is my turn to share some photos and stories (OH! The stories!) There are details, emotion, and spectacularly odd coincidences…intrigued?!? Keep reading!

I have known Summer for going on nine years, so when she and James told me the themes for the wedding – buttons (Summer sews A LOT!) and the Dashwood Cottage from Sense and Sensibility (Summer is also a huge movie nerd) – I was not at all surprised. So I hope you are prepared for a lot of detail pictures because details – there are many! Let’s start with the hotel room favors…

First there is the “day after the wedding” box, which included gums, snacks, beverages, some Advil, and a “For the Ride Home” CD, with tracks inspired by the members of the bridal party.

For the second “hotel favor’, Summer’s best friend, who is a pastry chef, created four candies inspired by each season. Summer= strawberry lime pate de fruit, Fall= Peanut Butter Rum Fudge, Winter= Peppermint Patties and Spring= Honey Saffron Bon Bon

Escort cards were hand stamped and had a sticker that matched the theme of the table the guests were sitting at (more on that later). And the card box featured plenty of buttons!

Instead of a signing book, Summer and James had guests write notes on recipe cards.

I mentioned buttons were a big part of the theme, right? Well each bridesmaid’s bouquet was wrapped in ribbons covered with buttons.

And Summer’s bouquet featured lace ribbons

Moments of pure unadulterated emotion…it does not get any better than this…

Back to the decorations. Remember the escort cards that had a sticker that corresponded to each table? Each of the ‘table paintings’ were done by the bride’s mother, scanned and used to create the stickers for the escort cards.

And each table’s painting corresponded to the preserve that Summer and James had made as a favor for the guests sitting at that table! They spent a year canning, pickling and preserving. And yes, that is mead! (that was my table). Each is hand stamped and note the buttons that correspond to the color of the preserve!

As if that weren’t enough, each napkin ring was also a favor featuring buttons and lace.

And for a special touch, the bride and groom’s napkin rings featured buttons from their grandfather’s and grandmother’s collections.

Haven’t had enough buttons? How about a button themed cake?

How about more DIY? The bride and groom and their friends spent many hours hand making book cover ceremony program holders that can also be taken away as a favor.

And then the big moment…

Since Summer is a cheesemonger (yes, a cheesemonger), the cocktail hour featured cheeses – “Something Old (Aged Manchego), Something New (Chevre d’Argental), Something Yummy (Challerhocker) and Something Blue (Camazola Black Label)” along with a handmade “Lets Grow MOLD together” sign

It would not be a wedding if Summer didn’t cry…especially her own wedding! Luckily, James was prepared…

So I have shown you the details, the emotion is plain to see in the photos…and now it is time for the spectacular coincidences…

I mentioned that I have known Summer for almost nine years. On the bus ride back to the hotel after the reception, I found myself sitting behind Summer’s uncle and aunt. They were yelling back to someone in the back of the bus trying to get the score of the Detroit Tigers game. I knew some of Summer’s family came from my home state of Michigan, so I struck up a conversation. As it turns out, Summer’s uncle used to be the superintendent of the school system I went to growing up. It does not end there. Not only did he know my parents, but I went to school with his kids. His daughter, who was in my class, was IN THE WEDDING PARTY! We did not recognize each other or put two and two together until the bus ride.

Oh, but that is STILL not all. While talking after the bus ride, I found out that Summer’s other uncle went to the same college that I did around the same time my mother was in school there. On top of that, he was a founding member of the chapter of my fraternity at that college – I had to memorize his name during my initiation process. And here’s the kicker – we lived in the same room in the fraternity house. Odd…odd…odd!

But in conclusion, I would like to thank Summer and James for doing me the honor of letting me photograph their wedding. It was a privilege!

Creative Team:

Favors & Gifts: DIY
Floral Designer: Strogus’ Flower Shop & Greenhouses
Musicians: Bowman String Quartet
Reception Venue: Meredith Manor
Cake Designer: Bakers of Buffington
DJ: Main Line Executive Entertainment
Shoes & Bridal Attire: David’s Bridal
Tuxedo & Mens’ Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Bridesmaids Dresses: Amsale
Hotel Favor Boxes: Bags and Bows


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06:57 December 5, 2012

You are without a doubt the most talented guy I know Casey Fatchett. I am so lucky to have you and Caroline as friends. The fact that you are connected to my family is both fantastic and it just feels right. Thank you for getting me through my wedding and for capturing exactly how we feel. I am so blessed to know you.

    10:47 December 5, 2012

    Summer, the feeling is mutual. It's kismet!

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