The Knot Magazine and Tyler Gets a Haircut

July 28, 2011

So I was in Barnes and Noble today looking at the Fall/Winter edition of The Knot Magazine (New York Edition) and guess who has a big picture in the “Venues with a View” article? Yours truly!

The Knot Magazine - Venues With a View

Well, it was not really a surprise.  I have known for a couple of months but I had to wait until the magazine actually came out. It is kind of a funny story. The photo editor actually emailed me while I was on my honeymoon in Scotland. Luckily, they did not need the high resolution image until I was back in the United States!

The photo is from Marquina and Dan’s wedding at Liberty Warehouse in Brooklyn.

In other news, my little buddy has had a bit of a rough time of late. Tyler had an abcess under his eye caused by a bacterial infection in one of his teeth. So he had to be sedated and have FOUR teeth pulled! Not pleasant and I’m sure not the way he wanted to spend his seventh birthday. Afterwards, he got a much needed haircut and he has been acting more like a puppy than a cranky old man. When his hair is so short it is hard for me to believe he is seven. Love you, little guy.

Tyler's new haircut

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Liberty Warehouse: Brooklyn Wedding Venue » The Wedding Guide
12:32 September 20, 2011

[...] This is a great space for an event (though a little tricky to get to) and the views are AMAZING.  One of my photos was even used in The Knot Magazine’s article on locations in New York City with great views – check it out here! [...]


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